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Oscar WILL RUN! Maybe not right now, but really wants it! Oscar is 13 years old, he can’t walk on his own, moves with the help of a wheelchair. But every day Oscar is engaged in physical therapy, exercises and with great pleasure rides a special bike in the summer! And Oscar launches his challenge every day until May 31. He will do exercises at home. And we invite everyone to support the Oscar! Support the collection, do exercises, agitate to join friends in your social networks, tell us about the boy and his deed! All funds raised during the challenge will be used to pay for Oscar's treatment, which will bring the boy closer to his cherished dream - to walk independently!

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I participate in the #BEATHIM HOUSE! Now, in a difficult situation associated with the coronavirus epidemic, the period of isolation and the suspension of many work processes, fees in support of charitable foundations have seriously fallen. However, the funds continue to work, their wards still need help. In the period of self-isolation in connection with the coronavirus epidemic, we are forced to stay at home, and sports and jogging on the street are prohibited. I play sports at home - and I want to turn this into a good deed! My Act on the platform & quot; Do it! & Quot; help those who need help right now! Please support my Act and fundraising in favor of the wards of the charity fund! Together we can do more! & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

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51 000
50 000
Сбор закрыт! Оскар получил долгожданные реабилитационные тренажеры!

Начало учебного года не повод останавливаться!

И даже наоборот, Оскар помимо учебы много времени уделяет физическим занятиям, ведь к приближающейся реабилитации тоже нужно хорошенько подготовиться.

менее 20 000 рублей
осталось собрать для оплаты курса лечения Оскара
  • Incognito,
    Так держать! Душа радуется. • • •
  • Incognito,
    3 000
  • Gribova Elena Viktorovna ,
  • Incognito,
    От родителей, воспитанников и коллектива детского сада 132 "Друзья" г.Казани • • •
    13 300
  • Incognito,
    1 000
  • Matova Vera Aleksandrovna ,
    2 000
  • Zakirova Darina,
    от учеников и родителей 4 "Г" класса школы 618 Зеленоград (Москва) в рамках акции "Цветы Жизни!" • • •
    6 400
  • Incognito,
  • Incognito,
  • Incognito,
    Оскар, успехов тебе! • • •

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ООО «Доброе Дело» Местонахождение и почтовый адрес: 117525, г. Москва, ул.Днепропетровская, д.3, корп. 5, 1 этаж, пом.III, ком. 6, офис 2 ОГРН 1157746776087 от 24.08.15
ИНН 7726350600 КПП 772601001
р/с 40702810902980000634 в АО "Альфа-Банк" г. Москва
к/с 30101810200000000593
БИК 044525593
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