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We provide family preservation aid and adoption support for children in need.

We create opportunities for education and healthcare and provide home-like accommodation for kids who struggle to find a new home.

We cultivate charity and volunteering in Russia to benefit children who have special needs to:
- create a functional environment for education in foster care wards
- provide regular classes for children in our care

Let's make things happen together-for joy and well-being of children in foster care and families in need.

On average, an ordinary person takes 5,000 steps daily. To stay fit we need to take 10,000 steps. A marathon is 42.195 km (26.2 miles), 42,000 steps during 2-5 hours of a continuous motion.

Only 1% of human beings can complete the full marathon distance, even less people are able to cover it faster than 3 hours and 20 minutes. Every minute of marathon is a result of long hours trainings and improvements of running technique. But not everyone is ready for such challenge.

Children diagnosed with infantile cerebral paralysis do not even dream about sport records. They strive to try achieve other goals: learn to walk, speak, and ride a bike specially equipped for children with ICP, and to become an independent member of society. The first step for them is equal to running a marathon. On the one hand, it is possible; on the other hand, they need so much attention, patience, efforts and support. I do believe that we can help these children.

On March, 3rd I am going to take part in the Tokyo Marathon as a result of my long term training. I dedicate my 42,000 steps to Guzel, Bulat and Samir, the children from Tatarstan who are undergoing rehabilitation courses.

Bulat is 6. He is actively preparing for school. He can read and even has started learning English. Last summer, he tried to ride a bike specially equipped for children with ICP and he really was good at it. Now he is dreaming just about such a special bicycle.

Samir is only 4. He struggles with ICP, spastic tetra paresis and partial atrophy of an optic nerve. Samir and his parents’ efforts show promising results: he is trying to hold his head and focus his eyes, learning to stand. To improve his success and achieve new results he needs regular treatment.

Guzel is 8. She is studying at home. Guzel is fond of poetry, reads a lot and writes poems. She dreams to be a famous poet. Unfortunately, her talent and efforts are not enough to sustain her current results and provide further development. She also needs a regular treatment.

To fulfil children’s need we need to collect 384 300 rubles (5 500 EUR) for medical treatment. I dedicate my marathon results to these children for whom a single step is the step to the main goals in their lives. We can help them together – join us and press the “Donate” button!

Leo Tolstoy said, “The genuine power of a human being is not in impulsive desire but in unbreakable aspiration and thoughts towards kindness, expressed in words and performed in acts”.

Tokyo is one of the six World Majors marathon. My goal is to get my name in “the fast runners” list and qualify for the next Majors. Doubtless, I need to do my best. I am sure I can do it! I will run new marathons and continue helping children, cultivating charity and sport as the vital part of my life.

You can find more information about children here on the site of the «DetskieDomiki» fund:

The Tokyo Marathon: I run for Bulat, Samir and Guzel Event:
Здоровый ребенок

Фонд "ДетскиеДомики" помогает детям, нуждающимся в медицинской помощи, пройти необходимое лечение и курсы реабилитации, получить лекарства, тренажеры и реабилитационное... Подробнее

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