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Children are butterflies - they can be helped!
Event: Gala-Run "Good Deeds"
I decided to participate in the Good Deeds Race to help the BELA foundation. Children-Butterflies "which assists children suffering from bully epidermolysis. This is a rare and today incurable disease, but it is quite correctly said "if a person can not be cured, this does not mean that he can not be helped." By my act, I want to support the staff and volunteers of the foundation in their worthy cause of helping sick children. My goal is to run 10 km on the Run in Victory Park, after running out of 45 minutes and collect for the fund 10 thousand rubles for the fund's activities. Support me, too! View more >>
10 400
10 000

Спасибо большое, дорогой Инкогнито! Это неожиданно и крайне приятно! УРА!!!

My story with running was very interesting. Runners began to surround me everywhere! Colleagues, friends, partners, clients - all ran. Not all, of course, but beside me they ran and fled! I was persistent: I was engaged in Scandinavian walking, swimming in the pool, but did not run! I sometimes even wanted to, but I held on! But in the fall of 2015 the "BELA Butterfly Children" Foundation ran, organizing the first "Good Deed". I had nowhere to retreat. I want to remember about the party and the Komsomol, but there was neither me nor there, but to support the Fund for me is always a great joy and a great responsibility. And I began to prepare for my first Run of Good Deeds. I liked to run, and when helping your children with your little morning achievements, it becomes easier and more fun to run. And now I'm preparing for the second race of good deeds, which will be held on June 26 in Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill. Every jog I publish on social networks, so that as many people as possible learn about the race and the butterfly children. When I do not run for 2-3 days, I feel ashamed and the next morning I run to continue telling about the possibility of helping "butterflies." I am very grateful to my friends and subscribers who support me. Now there is a new opportunity to support the children-wards of the foundation "BELA Children of the Butterfly"! My goal - run June 26 2 km, run out of 13 minutes and collect 10,000 rubles for the butterfly children!
Pauline runs a little bit at the Good Deeds Run Event: Gala-Run "Good Deeds"

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