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Albert Basyrov. I'm running to help Veronica Marchenko.
Event: Ufa International Marathon -2021
The NIPI TENG Group of Companies will take part in the Ufa International Marathon to support Veronica Marchenko, a ward of the Special Children Foundation. “Surely, many of us have thought at least once about why our world is arranged this way. Why, for example, do so many children end up in orphanages? Or why does a newborn baby suffer from incurable diseases? Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question because I don’t know. But one thing I know for sure, that each of us is able to change ourselves and provide help to those who need it. One has only to open our hearts and go forward in Life doing good deeds! "Marchenko Veronika Pavlovna 07/28/2018. Diagnosis: organic damage to the central nervous system, multiple congenital malformations. The required amount for the course of habilitation: 60,000 rubles. View more >>
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60 000
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Ruslan Khabibov. I'm running in support of Katya Suvorova Event: Ufa International Marathon -2021

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ООО «Доброе Дело» Местонахождение и почтовый адрес: 117525, г. Москва, ул.Днепропетровская, д.3, корп. 5, 1 этаж, пом.III, ком. 6, офис 2 ОГРН 1157746776087 от 24.08.15
ИНН 7726350600 КПП 772601001
р/с 40702810902980000634 в АО "Альфа-Банк" г. Москва
к/с 30101810200000000593
БИК 044525593
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