If you did not find the answer you need, click the button:
Click on the "Start fundraising" button at the top of the screen. You will see a category selection menu. If you have your own fundraising idea, e.g. you decided to bring cakes to work for a month or to sing in a karaoke competition, click on "My campaign" category. "Sport event" is a category for people who are planning to raise funds by taking part in an organised sporting event such as a marathon, triathlon, race, etc. The category "Tribute" enables you to dedicate your fundraising campaign in honour of someone important to you. Fundraising under a "Special event" category allows you to ask your supporters to make donations to your chosen cause in lieu of the usual birthday or wedding gifts. Click the "Select" button under the desired category and then click the "Next Step" button in the lower-right corner of the page. Enter details of your fundraising campaign: title, date, location and amount you wish to raise. Please add a short description of your campaign – what you are going to do, your reasons or inspiration. You can also attach any pictures to your page here. Next, please choose a charity you wish to support from the list provided. You can learn more about the charity and its work by clicking on its logo. If the charity you wish to support is not on the list it means that we have not yet managed to connect it to our site. Please invite the charity to join our platform. Finally, click the button "Create page" – your fundraising campaign is ready to go! Remember to post the link to your page on social networks and let all of your friends know about your fundraising.
Each fundraising campaign page has a "Donate" button at the top of the page and in the lower right hand corner. You can donate to any of the listed campaigns or use the site browser to find a specific one. After clicking the "Donate" button you will be able to choose a one-off or regular payment, and also select the amount. Select a payment method from the list and enter your details. Thank you for your support!
Use the "Delete page" button in your account. If you can not remove the page please contact us and we will help you.
"Sdelai!" has a wide range of approved charities using its platform. You can pick the most suitable one from the existing list or invite a specific charity to join our platform by using "Send an invitation to join" button in the "Charities” section.
You can donate as much as you want. Any amount matters.
There is no limit on the number of campaigns you can create. To make your campaign more successful include interesting details on your page, post it to your social media and make regular updates. This way, you will attract maximum attention and achieve your fundraising target.
1. People love a good story, so make it personal – describe why you have decided to fundraise for a particular cause and what the charity means to you. Give some anecdotes about your training and plans for the future. 2. Give your story an interesting title, insert an inspirational quote. 3. Be sure to add one or more photos to your page. This could be a photo taken at your last race or workout, or a photo reflecting the reasons for your fundraising efforts. A picture paints a thousand words so use it to make your page really stand out. 4. Set the goal, how much you wish to raise for your charity. Remember, regardless of the amount collected these are the funds which the charity wouldn’t have received if it was not for you! 5. Thank those who make donations personally, feedback would give both you and your supporters a sense of completion. 6. Email a link to your page to your colleagues asking them to donate, your professional network is an excellent source of support. 7. Include a link to your page in your e-signature. It is a free and quick way of telling your contacts about your worthy campaign. The more people find out about it, the better. 8. Be sure to post updates on your social networks the day before your event. Adding a bit of excitement and time pressure in the run up to the event to hit your fundraising target will encourage people to donate
Prior to being approved to join the “Sdelai!” platform, all charities must pass a multi-level check and provide documents that guarantee their honesty.
Please register on our site, create a page and start fundraising!
Yes, each fundraising page includes a "Complain" button. By clicking it you can choose the reason why you find the page offensive or unworthy. Our moderators regularly check all complaints.
To request the deletion of personal data, send a request to In the subject, indicate "Personal data deletion" To confirm, the request must be sent from the same email that is linked to the account on the platform.

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