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Why join the platform?

Each year, more and more people in Russia take part in organised public events, the choice and standard of which is also growing.

We believe that every such event is an excellent opportunity to raise public awareness of important issues in the society and everyone can help to raise financial support for good causes.

Everyone taking part in the event can use our platform to create a page that will enable him or her to raise funds for your charity. There is no need for your charity to contact event organisers or become their official partner. The participant volunteers to fundraise on your behalf out of his own free will and does so via our platform.

It is highly likely there are already participants of various public events among your supporters. Now they can make their runs even more meaningful.

We work very closely with event organisers across the country and inform their participants about how they can use our platform. Most of them are socially aware people who want to make a difference in their local area. We give them the tools to make it happen.

By joining our platform, your charity can grow your donor base; you can establish and grow your own core group of fundraisers who take part in various events

We already have our own charity runs so why do we need you?

In charity runs the donations are limited only to those who participate in the event.If just one friend donated the same amount as the runner the amount raised would double. Imagine what happens if every runner gets support not from one but from 5, 10, 20 friends on Facebook or VK? As they say, the sky is the limit.

Sdelai is an instrument that helps to expand your support base from your usual donors to their family, friends and colleagues.

We already have a significant social media presence. What is the benefit of joining Sdelai?

125 200
Target amount:
120 000

Sdelai’s innovative approach is to transfer the task of fundraising from a few core volunteers to an unlimited number of socially aware people who take part in public events or just want to make a difference. Whilst they pursue a personal goal (e.g. running in race) they can also help your charity.

Они ставят себе личную цель - поучаствовать в забеге (взойти на вершину, чего-то добиться), и посвящают этот Поступок вашему фонду. Они также определяет ту сумму, которую стремятся собрать. Друзья, знакомые и коллеги этих людей поддерживают их начинание и делают пожертвования на их страницу. Собранные средства передаются в фонд. Таким образом, They set an amount they want to reach and, in support of this undertaking, their friends and colleagues make donations. All money raised is passed on to charity. Therefore, multiple people can perform the fundraising task at the same time.

Each campaigner has a fundraising page that monitors the progress of their campaign and displays all the donations.

How can we be sure that all money donated is transferred to the charity?

Every donation is displayed on the fundraising page.Donors receive a confirmation of their payment and they can always see their contributions shown on the page.

Campaigners are very sensitive about the progress of their fundraising and check it on a daily basis.

Charities can also see every new donation in your Log in area. The platform accumulates donations in a special account and transfers them to the charity, together with a detailed report on all money received, once a month.

All Sdelai’s transactions are completely transparent and public scrutiny is the best form of control

How do we join Sdelai?

Visit our site ( ) and register your details. Please include scans of your articles of association. We will do background security checks and send our agency agreement for you to sign. Your Log in area will be activated once the agency agreement is signed. Anyone who wants to support your charity can start fundraising straight away.

How do we engage with people who donate to us?

You can send news updates and thank you letters by email to your supporters via your Log in area provided by our platform.

How do you spend your commission?

We provide our service commission-free but we welcome voluntary contributions from charities. This commission goes towards improvements of our site to make it more user-friendly for campaigners and donors which results in more charitable donations.

We provide publicity for all our registered charities and campaigners and we actively encourage new people to start fundraising.

We can be reached five days a week and are happy to offer advice on how to promote your campaigns, find someone willing to fundraise on your behalf or help with any other questions.

How do we monitor results?

Your Log in area contains a number of statistical reports for result analysis and a list of all fundraising campaigns undertaken in support of your charity. Individual donations are displayed on campaigners’ pages.

At the end of each month we will send you a register of all donations received in your charity’s name and transfer the money to you.

How much does it cost to join Sdelai / what about your commission?

Campaigners and donors can use Sdelai free of charge.

Sdelai does not charge commission for its services and transfers donations in full less payment system’s fee that depends on the type of payment and is 2.5% for card payments.

What advantages do we get if we join Sdelai?

1. A unique tool to turn any public sporting event into a fundraiser for your charity.

2. A platform to create and grow your own team of fundraisers.

3. Comprehensive publicity and technical support for all your interactions with the platform.

4. Innovative ideas and advice on how to raise more money for your charity.

5. Your own Log in area with full statistics reports and other useful information.

6. Monthly donations reports.

7. An effective way to increase “brand” awareness of your charity and promote popular fundraising in Russia.

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