If you wish to donate

Why should I choose to donate via your site and not directly to the charity?

You can donate directly to the charity by either following a link provided on our site or by any other available means.

Our platform is designed for people who want to make a difference and set an example encouraging others to get involved in supporting good causes.

Your donation via Sdelai goes beyond helping a charity. You support contributes to the growth of public fundraising in Russia in general because it encourages campaigners to reach their goals and set the new ones.

How do I donate? My friend sent me a link to their fundraising page, what’s next?

We will provide you with a comprehensive information pack about the fundraising, materials you can send to your participants via email and use in mass media, marketing materials for press and media coverage. We will provide wide publicity and generate donations from people willing to help. Fundraising pages will draw additional attention and attract new participants to your event.

How do I create a fundraising page?

Send us an email with details of your organised event / your web-link to will add your event to our events calendar and help your participants with publicity.

There are no financial obligations between event organisers and the platform.

How do I donate? My friend sent me a link to their fundraising page, what’s next?

You can visit your friend’s fundraising page by following a link in their post or email or by using a search button on our site (see Campaigns).

Once you are on the page, you can read your friend’s story, see their news, find out what charity they are supporting and why, see the financial target and current donations.

To support the campaigners in their fundraising please click on Make a donation.

You can also add a personal message, which will be displayed on the page next to the amount you contributed. If you prefer you can donate anonymously.

Your donation becomes visible on the page and encourages others to support the charity.

Please remember, no donation is too small, every penny counts.

How does this work?

Your donation will be displayed on the fundraiser's page and will be included in the donations register sent to the charity.

All money raised on the page will be re-directed to the selected charity at the end of each calendar month regardless of whether the target has been reached, the campaign has finished or is still ongoing.

If the campaign was project- or person-specific then the money will be passed on to the charity for that particular project or person. If the money was donated generally the charity will use for any permitted purpose within its scope of work.

Who chose the charities?

All charities undergo standard compliance and security checks.

All money raised on your page will be re-directed to your chosen charity at the end of each calendar month regardless of whether you have reached your goal, your campaign has finished or is still ongoing. For more information about the relationship between Sdelai and charities click here.

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