How to set up your personal fundraising page

1.Register at or Sign in

Click on “Start fundraising” in the top right hand corner of the page.

Please choose the type of event you are taking part in.2.

Personal challenge – you can set a personal goal. For instance, you and your friends decide to climb Mount Elbrus or you commit yourself to run 5km each day. Your challenge does not have to involve physical activity. You may like to promise to shave your moustache off or treat your colleagues to homemade cakes for a week instead.

Organised event – pick this category if you are taking part in an organised event such as a marathon, sponsored run, swimathon, a cycling race, etc.

Someone special – this is your opportunity to do something in memory or in honour of someone. For example, you may choose to organise a community spring clean to mark your grandfather’s special birthday or to take part in a sports competition.

Special occasion – you can request that your friends make a donation to your chosen cause instead of giving you a more traditional birthday or wedding present.

If you are taking part in an organised event you will see a list of events on the next page.3.

If you are not taking part in an organised event or your organised event is not listed in our calendar please click on Create your own event

Describe the task you are going to do.4.

Title – give your challenge or event a short and concise title.

Date – state the date of the event or the deadline by which you are going to complete the task.

A good “window” for maximum fundraising is usually 3-5 weeks prior to the event. A shorter period may not be long enough for you to get all the support possible and a longer period might dilute the sense of urgency for your donors to act fast.

Location– include the name of the city or locality where your event will take place or where you live. Your challenge will then appear on top of the page for the local residents.

Amount– how much are you planning to raise? It is best to set a realistic target – people prefer to feel a part of a success story and keep on donating even once the target has been reached.

Brief description

Why is it important for you?
Tell your readers an engaging story calling for action. Why did you decide to fundraise? What made you choose this particular charity? Present your reasons in a way that would make people want to support you.

Be clear, straight and to the point.
Use simple words and short sentence structures to make your text easy to read. If your text is long break it into sections with sub-titles. Keep your style honest, sincere and straightforward.

Read what you have written aloud.
This is the easiest way to correct typos and make sure your text is not repetitive and reads nicely.

Upload your photo, an image of your event or people you want to help. A square shape or a landscape orientation will make your images look their best on the page.

Choose a charity you would like to support5.

At present we work with several reputable charities across the country. If you have not yet decided what cause you wish to support please feel free to browse the list of registered charities and pick the one close to your heart.


Thank you for setting up your personal fundraising page!

What to do next

Ask your family and close circle of friends for support.
People who don’t know you well are unlikely to donate first. Your friends’ and family’s donations and re-posts will give your effort an initial impulse

Share the link to your page on social media and ask your friends and colleagues to support your fundraising effort financially (donations) and by spreading the word (re-post).

Email your story and a page link to your friends, family members, colleagues and all other people who will support you.If possible, send individual messages to your contacts to make your request sound personal, and avoid making your emais look like spam.

Thank every donor personally.
Regularly read comments to your posts and reply to them. The more involved you are with your audience the more likely your story is to be shared by your supporters with other people.

Regularly update your audience.
Update your news once or twice a week – share your photos, training progress, details of your charity’s work, amusing stories in the run up to the event and anything else that might keep your audience feeling involved and informed. It is crucial to keep things transparent when fundraising. Don’t be silent – share your news.

Good luck and thank you for setting up your personal fundraising page!

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