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Александр Большаков: бегу в поддержку Уфимского хосписа
Александр Большаков: бегу в поддержку Уфимского хосписа
Тимербаевы Арина и Раян. Бегут в поддержку Эмиля Садыкова
Я Раян, мне 10 лет, я люблю играть в футбол и помогать людям! Я добрый человек! Я Арина мне 16 лет. С 4-х лет занимаюсь танцами. Хочу, чтобы все дети были счастливы. Считаю, что люди должны помогать друг другу! Мы брат и сестра. Мы хотим совершить ДОБРОЕ дело и поддержать Эмильчика Садыкова Эмиль, у тебя получится!!! САДЫКОВ ЭМИЛЬ 3г.5 мес. Диагноз Последствия гипоксически-геморрагического поражения ЦНС, гидроцифалия, дцп История Мамы Эмиля Эмиль родился на 25 неделе беременности. Состояние при рождении было тяжелым, обусловлено дыхательными нарушениями и крайней незрелостью. Оценка по шкале АПГАР 3/4 баллов. Первые месяцы жизни Эмиль провёл в больнице. До года он перенес четыре операции на голову, у него произошло кровоизлияние в мозг и малышу установили шунт. Не смотря на тяжелый диагноз мой сын Эмиль с самых первых дней своего рождения борется за свою жизнь, старается! Сейчас Эмилю 3г 5мес. Мы много работали прошли несколько курсов абилитации, благодаря которым малышу удалось поползти. Он переставляет ручки, а ногами перепрыгивает как белочка. Малыш пытается кушать самостоятельно, учится стоять держась за опоры. Благодаря абилитации есть улучшения и в речевом развитии. Эмиль начал говорить первые слова: мама, папа, пока, ням-ням, понимает речь Я верю, что сейчас уже все плохое позади. Нам нужны регулярные курсы абилитации, чтобы избежать рецидивов, получить все жизненно-важные навыки и догнать сверстников. ВМЕСТЕ МЫ СИЛА! Давайте поддержим малыша вместе!!
Добро побеждает всегда))
От чистого сердца, пусть добру всегда быть)))
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The Marhamat charitable foundation expresses its gratitude to the "Do it!" Team for the opportunity to post the actions on the resource in the framework of the charitable action "I'll help", which was held on September 17, 2017 in the framework of the Ufa International Marathon and was aimed at finding funds for children with disabilities . As a result, 14 children of the Center for Children's Development will have the opportunity to attend individual and group classes.
Marhamat Charitable Educational Foundation
President of the Aigul Gareev Foundation
We thank all the participants and fans who took part in raising funds for the Charity Fund "Love Syndrome" and the DownsideAid Family Support Center. With the joint efforts of the Do-It-and-Capestan teams, 44,200 rubles were raised in the framework of the Capstan-Croatia regatta in 2017. On the collected money from September to December 2017, several families will be able to receive individual collegial consultations with the participation of three specialists at the same time: a defectologist, a speech therapist and a psychologist. Such as you make this world better!
Irina Menshenina, General Director
Charitable Foundation "Love Syndrome"
We thank the command "Do it!" for the fact that you are one of the first to open in Russia on the Internet spaces a platform that not only helps to raise funds for funds, but also serves as an example for those who want to change life for the better. Such projects make charity more accessible, exciting and contagious!
The Syndrome of Love Charitable Foundation
Charitable Foundation "The Syndrome of Love"
Our foundation "Sport for Life" sincerely thanks the "Do it!" Platform. for this partnership! Thank you for your support! Thanks to the platform, enterprising people, including athletes, participants in the IRONSTAR competition, well-wishers - platform activists - created many Acts in favor of the foundation. Thanks to such powerful support - both financial in the course of fees and information - our athletes with disabilities have the opportunity to realize their goals! Someone was provided with running prostheses, was able to train and compete in competitions. Someone went to important Russian or foreign competitions. Someone could saddle a bicycle-tandem and prepare for a new distance. Thanks to Deeds on "Do it!" our wards have achieved even professional results, many of their results are Russian and international records, and these victories are the result of help and platform activists! Thank you for the convenient mechanism of mass fundraising!
Sport for Life Charity Foundation
Director of the fund Anastasia Pletmintseva
The charity fund "Our Children" expresses sincere gratitude to the "Do it" fundraising platform for assistance in raising funds for programs to help orphans! Thanks to you and your activists it was possible to collect 32 900 rubles for the implementation of the fund's projects. These funds will help graduates of orphanages to adapt more effectively to independent living. For example, with these funds, we will be able to help new members of our society get legal support, so necessary for them in the first stages after the release. Thank you for making the world better!
President of the "Our Children" foundation Varvara Penzova
"Sports fundraising - a phenomenon for Russia is still quite new and young. So, it is necessary to talk about it more often, and to create more examples of actions. Because every good act created on the do-it-yourself site attracts not only funds for charitable foundations, but also the attention of a large audience of friends and supporters, which is no less important. After all, we are really strong when we are together! The project "Do it!", Designed not only for athletes, shows how important everyone's help is - because one big consists of many small ones. Even 100 rubles are able to provide real help when hundreds of people support the action! And this was repeatedly proved by our friends and volunteers, platform activists, whose actions we are really proud of regardless of the amount collected. After all, the example itself and, most importantly, the trust in our fund is important. And you can decide to act only by trusting. Thanks to everyone who supports us and commits real actions for the sake of butterfly children! "
Ekaterina Kurdyukova, project manager of the fund
Charity fund "Children-Butterflies"
In February 2018, we became a social partner of the Kazan Marathon and immediately began to think out how to attract runners to the Ronald McDonald House team and raise funds. Of course, I wanted people to be interested in - not just registering, but becoming a part of a big movement. The platform became our partner and united all the wishes: an understandable technical implementation, convenient creation of actions for runners who wanted to create teams and raise funds, a beautiful, attractive interface. Teams could insert their photos, and corporate partners also logos. At first it was difficult to promote the "Ronald McDonald House" team page, but gradually everyone was inspired. As a result, we collected more than 120,000 rubles, and 17 teams supported us! We consider this a stunning success, and even for the first time. Thank you to the responsive platform team Do.Gorg for the brilliant idea, professional embodiment and support throughout the campaign! For the "Ronald McDonald's House" fund, the action on the platform was an important step for the development of online fundraising.
Lada Simacheva, fundraiser of the Charitable Foundation "Ronald McDonald's House"
Charitable Foundation "House of Ronald McDonald"
Increasingly, we hear the phrase "sporting good deeds" and this is no accident. Because sport can carry not only physical activity, but also good meaning - to help! Moreover, sport is a healthy lifestyle and an active lifestyle. The Center for Social Technologies “Breaking Barriers" thanks the team for the created platform and the opportunities that it gives. Thanks to sports actions on the platform, we were able to purchase a synthesizer for Lisa and build the first inclusive tactile mini-park in the city park named after I. Yakutov in Ufa. We wish you successful starts, sports and personal achievements!
Alina Khabirova, Director of the Center
Center for Social Technologies "Breaking the Barriers"

Do you participate in the competition? Do you want to achieve something? Set your own goals? Do something interesting, unusual, useful? Do you want to remind or tell about a person close to you? Do you celebrate an important event in your life? Any event that deserves attention can benefit society. Become the center of the event. Tell your friends about your actions and ask them to support you!

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