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Is it possible to swim 10 km at the age of 12?
Event: Zinaida_Yakovleva
My name is Zina Yakovleva, I am 12 years old. I have been swimming for 6 years, now I am studying at the school of the Olympic reserve. On November 19, I will go to the start of the night swim, a distance of 10 km! This is my personal #MoreThanYou can! I want to show everyone that even at the age of 12 you can go to serious swims. According to official data, this should be a record among children, which I will do in support of the #MoreThanYouCan Charitable Foundation! Since February 2022, I have met people for whom taking an ordinary step is a big victory, and they go to swims, running and triathlon starts! Each ward of the #MoreThanYouFund is real heroes for me and I want to make an achievement on a par with them! This summer, I participated for 3 days as a support team in the Kimryak ultratriathlon. I decided that I would do my ultra-triathlon when I grew up. And now I have decided to start my own first fundraiser so that all athletes of unlimited possibilities have opportunities to play sports, including swimming and triathlon. Therefore, I take part in the swim and dedicate it to the #MoreThanYouCan Foundation and to each of its athletes! View more >>
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Инклюзивная тренировка фонда #БольшеЧемМожешь с атлетом безграничных возможностей Машей Ботусовой

Я пробежала мои первые 21.1 км

Friends, My name is Sergey Kabanov and it's been three years since I started running. I started with 300 meters and now I am preparing for my first marathon. During this time I participated in various races. 5K, 10K and half marathons. The most important for me were the races with the More Than You Can fund. These are races in tandems, with athletes who themselves cannot overcome the distance. Cerebral palsy and other neurological diseases build barriers for them to participate in mass running events. The More Than You Can overcome these obstacles. Athletes start in the general start, are on the course with thousands of other runners and finish together with everyone. We have a lot of volunteers ready to help athletes participate in general competitions. For example, at the Moscow Half Marathon, among 12 thousand participants, 8 wheelchairs of the fund, 2-3 volunteers from each wheelchair, also started. Along the course, we were supported by runners, spectators, bystanders and even law enforcement officers. The emotions of the athletes themselves and their relatives after the finish are hard to describe. They receive finisher medals and, most importantly, emotional support. Unfortunately, special running wheelchairs do not last forever, and the number of athletes to participate in competitions is growing. Therefore, I am announcing a fundraiser for a new jogging stroller from the More Than You Can Foundation. In support of the foundation, I will run my first marathon. While one to get used to the distance. I am sure that together we can raise 200,000 for a new stroller. And already in the next running season there will be more athletes with limitless opportunities at the competitions.
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